Even in an environment of high unemployment it is still important to think about which job is most suitable. When applying for a job your job application should represent you well. Enhance every aspect of your application to ensure that you stand out above other prospective applicants. Job application is accompanied by a number of documents including a cover letter and curriculum vitae also known as a CV.

The purpose of the CV is to enable you to get invited for an interview and not a job. A CV is crucial document and is seen as a personal marketing tool. Employers use a CV and cover letters to screen applicants and to select a few candidates who meets the job requirements for an interview.

Never lie on your CV or cover letter about your qualifications or skills because this can be easily picked up during the screening, interview or appointment period and you could be dismissed. CV’s are valuable and important because they are your first direct communication with a potential employer.

Tips on Curriculum Vitae format

- Consistent layout - Font size should be 12 for all normal text and 14 for all headings in bold
- Free of grammar and spelling mistakes
- Comfortable to read and not cluttered
- Professional profile picture if requested

CV Writing

Writing a CV can be a confusing task, whether you're unemployed, a graduate with no experience or a professional looking for a career break. There are free templates that are designed to assist in writing your job application. You can visit "Careerhelp website" at