Chemical Plant Controller (Occupation Code : 313301)

The path to becoming a Chemical Plant Controller

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Controls the operation of chemical production plant.


Operating electronic or computerized control panel from a central control room to monitor and optimize physical and chemical processes for several processing units.

Adjusting equipment, valves, pumps, controls and process equipment.

Controlling the preparation, measuring and feeding of raw materials and processing agents such as catalysts and filtering media into plant.

Controlling process start-up and shut-down, troubleshooting and monitoring outside process equipment.

Verifying equipment for malfunctions, carrying out routine operating tests and arranging for maintenance.

Analyzing sample products, performing tests, recording data and writing production logs.

Alternate Occupation Names

Chemical Process Technician

Pilot Plant Controller

Pharmaceutical Plant Controller

Chemicals Distiller

Acetylene Gas Plant Controller

Pharmaceutical Production Controller

Pharmacy Products Machine Controller

Synthetic Fibre Control Room Operator

Chemical-still and Reactor Operator

Chemicals Fermentation Controller

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