Blacksmith (Occupation Code : 652101)

The path to becoming a Blacksmith

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Shapes bars, rods and blocks of metal by heating and hammering to produce or repair metal articles. NOTE: This occupation is listed as a trade.


Heating metal in forge furnace and manufacturing and repairing articles by drawing, bending, cutting, hammering metal on an anvil, punching, shearing, joining and hardening or tempering.

Shaping heated metal into forgings on power hammer equipped with open dies.

Operating closed-die drop hammer to forge metal articles.

Operating a power-press machine equipped with closed dies to forge metal articles.

Drawing wire Reading work orders or blueprints to determine specified tolerances and sequences of operations for machine setup.

Measuring and inspecting machine parts to ensure conformance to product specifications.

Alternate Occupation Names


Hammer Smith

Architectural Metal Worker

Drop-hammer Worker

Spring Maker

Tool Smith

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