Architect (Occupation Code : 216101)

The path to becoming a Architect


Designs buildings and advises on the procurement of buildings, provides concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings, and negotiates with builders. 


Discussing the objectives, requirements, budget, design and practicalities of a project with clients and other professionals.

Preparing and presenting feasibility reports and design proposals for the client.

Using IT, specifically using computer-aided design (CAD) software, in producing detailed workings, drawings and specifications for the project design, as well as in project management.

Specifying the nature and quality of materials required and preparing tender applications and presentations.

Negotiating with contractors and other professionals.

Preparing applications for planning and building control departments.

Managing projects and helping to coordinate the work of contractors.

Resolving problems and issues that arise during construction.

Ensuring that the environmental impact of the project is managed.

Keeping within financial budgets and deadlines.

Alternate Occupation Names

Conservation Architect

Architect Technologist

Heritage Architect

Building Architect

Learning Pathways