Agricultural Engineer (Occupation Code : 214905)

The path to becoming a Agricultural Engineer

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Performs and supervises engineering work related to the use and development of agricultural land, buildings, machines and equipment.


Advising on various ways of preparing and treating agricultural products for markets and problems related to handling, storing, packaging or transportation of these.

Applying engineering principles of science and technology, as well as agricultural practices, to solve problems relating to sustainable agricultural production and environmental impact of intensive agriculture.

Designing agricultural machinery and equipment and developing methods to improve the production, processing and distribution of food and other agricultural products Design and use instruments to study the effects of light, humidity and temperature on plants and animals.

Designing structures for crop storage and animal shelters involved in the conservation and management of energy, soil and water resources.

Using mechanical, civil and electronic engineering skills to manage living things and live-giving resources to protect and preserve them.

Alternate Occupation Names

Natural Resources Engineer

Irrigation Engineer

Agricultural Product Processing Engineer

Crop Production Mechanisation Engineer

Agricultural Structures and Facilities Engineer

Aqua Culture Engineer

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