Ammunition Fitter (Occupation Code : 684910)

The path to becoming a Ammunition Fitter

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Inspects, maintains and repairs firearms, artillery weaponry and weaponry equipment.


Working with iron, steel, carbon steel, aluminium, alloy steel, copper and its alloys and magnesium and its alloys.

Fitting, including filing, sawing, chiselling, screw-and-nut threading, drilling and turning various material used in the manufacturing and maintenance of firearms.

Having a thorough knowledge of a wide range of arms, ammunition and explosives, warheads and specialized weaponry such as hydraulic and pneumatic weaponry systems.

Dismantling and reassembling a wide variety of guns and pistols until they know the general description, names of parts and the loading, unloading and cleaning process of almost every conceivable weapon.

Servicing and repairing of firearms in order to keep them in sound working condition.

Manufacturing of small parts of firearms, but an armourer usually does this.

Sound knowledge of the chemistry of explosives.

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