Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic (Occupation Code : 642701)

The path to becoming a Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic


Installs, maintains and repairs piping, ducting and equipment for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings or vessels. 


Interpreting blueprints, drawings or other specifications.

Assembling, installing and repairing components for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Servicing faulty industrial and household refrigerators and air-conditioning units by repairing or replacing faulty parts.

Connecting piping and equipment by bolting, riveting, welding or brazing.

Testing systems, diagnosing faults and performing routine maintenance or servicing.

Testing the unit and making adjustments to make sure that it works correctly.

Checking that the parts are lined up and fit properly.

Alternate Occupation Names

Mechanical Services and Air Conditioning Plumber

Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician

Air Conditioning Technician

Learning Pathways