Administrative Lawyer (Occupation Code : 261102)

The path to becoming a Administrative Lawyer


Conducts criminal and civil lawsuits, draws up legal documents, advises clients as to legal rights and practices other phases of law.


Writing up the rules and regulations issued by government and state agencies.

Providing legal advice to agency staff and experts to ensure that proposed rules are in line with the Constitution and the other laws of the country, and that they are reasonable, logical and substantively correct.

Commenting on proposed regulations of any government agency seeking to promulgate a rule.

Analysing public comment and feedback on proposed regulations.

Organising regulatory hearings for people who are either interested in, or affected by, a proposed rule by preparing the hearing notice, authoring an agenda, publicising the hearing, or reaching out to important interest groups affected by the proposed rule.

Making sure that government departments and agencies are interpreting and utilising administrative regulations correctly.

Challenging or defending agency regulatory action through litigation.

Preparing cases, discussing settlements, and arranging the witnesses in cases prosecuting or defending regulatory violations.

Representing an agency, special interest association, or client in administrative hearings.

Alternate Occupation Names

Law Researcher

Legal Researcher

Enforcement Advisor

Learning Pathways