Call Centre Salesperson (Occupation Code : 524401)

The path to becoming a Call Centre Salesperson


Contact existing and prospective customers, using the telephone or other electronic communications media, to promote goods and services, obtain sales and arrange sales visits.


Working from scripts and lists of contacts to promote goods and services by telephone in order to persuade potential customers to purchase products or services or to make donations to charitable causes.

Obtaining customer information such as name, address and payment method, and entering orders or commitments into computers.

Creating interest in goods and services, and seeking a sale or an agreement by the potential customer to meet with a sales representatives.

Arranging appointments for sales representatives to meet with potential customers.

Arranging the processing and despatch of purchased goods and services, information kits and brochures to customers.

Maintaining statistics of calls made and successes achieved and submitting periodic reports on telemarketing activities and results. 

Alternate Occupation Names

Telemarketing Salesperson


Telephone Sales Person

Internet Salesperson

Contact Centre Agent (Interactive and Direct Marke

Customer Contact Centre Salesperson

Learning Pathways