Accounting Teacher (Grades 10 - 12) (Occupation Code : 232101)

Scarce Skill

Teaches accounting (theoretical and or practical component) within a prescribed curriculum to grade 10-12 or further education and training college students and promote students' social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.


Designing and modifying curricula and preparing educational courses of study in accordance with curriculum guidelines.

Establishing and enforcing rules for behaviour and procedures for maintaining order among learners.

Preparing and giving lessons, discussions, and demonstrations in one or more subjects.

Establishing clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects and communicating those objectives to learners.

Preparing materials and classrooms for class activities.

Adapting teaching methods and instructional materials to meet learners' varying needs and interests.

Observing and evaluating learners' performance and behaviour.

Preparing, administering and marking tests, assignments and examinations to evaluate learners' progress.

Preparing reports about learners' work and conferring with other teachers and parents.

Participating in meetings concerning the school's educational or organizational policies.

Planning, organizing and participating in school activities such as excursions, sporting events and concerts.

Occupation Regulation

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) is the statutory body that oversees the educator profession. Before you can work as a teacher you need to register with the SACE as an Educator.  In order to retain registration the annual registration fee should be paid to the SACE and you should comply with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements of the Council.

Learning Pathway Description

You can follow one of two routes to becoming an Accounting Teacher (Grades 10 - 12). The first route entails a four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), specialising in Economic and Management Sciences. You will need a National Senior Certificate – Degree Entrance with Maths to enrol for the B.Ed in this case. Please check the entry requirements of the institution of your choice.

The second route consists of a three- or four-year Bachelor’s degree in a specific field such as Accounting. This is followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).  Once completed, both routes lead to classification as a professionally qualified teacher and you will be required to register with the SACE as an Educator.

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