Surveying or Cartographic Technician (Occupation Code : 311202)

The path to becoming a Surveying or Cartographic Technician

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Collects, records and evaluates survey data and prepares maps, charts and plans in support of surveyors and cartographers. NOTE: This occupation is regarded as a green occupation.


Surveying, measuring and describing land surfaces, mines, underground surfaces, sea, river and lake beds.

Noting exact position of various features and recording survey data in digital form.

Making charts and maps to be used in determining navigable waters and channels and in planning construction of marine structures.

Planning and conducting aerial photographic surveys.

Designing, compiling and revising maps and charts using aerial and other photographs, satellite imagery, survey documents and data, existing maps and records, reports and statistics.

Undertaking research and development of surveying and photogrammetric measurement systems, cadastral systems and land information systems.


Alternate Occupation Names

Engineering Survey Drafting Technician

Aerial Survey Technician

Surveying Technician

Mapping Technician

Hydrographic Technician

Geomatics Technician

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