Electrical or Telecommunications Trades Assistant (Occupation Code : 862918)

The path to becoming a Electrical or Telecommunications Trades Assistant

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Assists electrical and telecommunications trades workers to install and maintain electrical and telecommunications systems.


Assisting electricians in installing and repairing wiring, fixtures and equipment.

Handing over materials and tools as required.

Measuring and cutting conduit to specified lengths.

Connecting conduit couplings and conduit fittings.

Securing conduit brackets to walls with screws and bolts.

Pulling wires through conduit leading to connection boxes, switch panels and terminals.

Stripping insulation from wire ends, using wire stripping pliers.

Tying or screwing wires to terminals for subsequent soldering.

Alternate Occupation Names

Auto Electrician's Assistant

Instrument Artisan Assistant

Artisan Aide Electrical

Control and Instrumentation MC&I) Assistant

Electrical Helper


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