Aircraft Structures Worker (Occupation Code : 653202)

The path to becoming a Aircraft Structures Worker


Inspects, dismantles and reassembles aircraft structures, and repairs and replaces components of aircraft frames. Works with both metal and carbon fibre composite materials. 


Maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding aircraft structures.

Overhauling, modifying and testing aircraft structures.

Marking and cutting sheet metal according to engineering drawings.

Joining components together using soldering, brazing, welding, riveting or bonding techniques.

Shaping and fitting pipes to aircraft.

Treating all metals to protect them from corrosion.

Adhering strictly to safety precautions.

Alternate Occupation Names

Aircraft Sheetmetal Worker

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)

Aircraft Structural Fitter

Aircraft Life Support Fitter

Aircraft Plastics and Fiberglas Worker

Aircraft Structure Worker

Aircraft Metal Worker

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (Mechanical)

Aircraft Composite Structure Worker

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Airframes)

Airframe Mechanic

Aircraft Composites Worker

Airframe Fitter

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structural)

Aircraft Trimmer

Aircraft Composites and Structures Worker

Aircraft Restorer

Learning Pathways