Metal Machinist (Occupation Code : 652301)

The path to becoming a Metal Machinist

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Sets up and operates machine tools to shape and form metal stock and castings to fine tolerances, using detailed drawings and specifications. NOTE: This occupation is listed as a trade.


Producing a part (metal or plastic that is unique or needed in thousands) from material by cutting.

Producing a specific part by using various machine tools.

Planning a logical workflow through a series of machines when a large number of parts are needed.

Using a Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine (a special precision computer-driven tool that can machine a large variety of shapes) if required.

Configuring machine tools according to the strategy provided by an engineer and according to blueprints and engineering drawings to produce detailed specifications of a part.

Observing machine operations to detect work piece defects or machine malfunctions and adjusting machines as necessary.

Working with the quality department in ensuring that specifications are maintained in finished products.

Alternate Occupation Names

Machine Tool Fitter

Metal Machine Setter

Automotive Machinist

Jig Borer

Milling Machinist

Machine Tool Setter

Turner Machinist (Automotive)

Lathe Operator / Setter / Tradesperson

Machine Tool Mechanician

Vertical Borer

Tooling Mechanician

Machinist and Fitter (Automotive)

Machine Setter

Turner (Metal)

Aircraft Machinist


Turner Machinist

Roll Turner

Machine Tool Operator

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