Agricultural / Horticultural Produce Inspector (Occupation Code : 325703)

The path to becoming a Agricultural / Horticultural Produce Inspector

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Conducts inspections of agricultural commodities, processing equipment and facilities, monitors conformance to standards and protocols to ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing health, quality and safety. 


Inspecting areas of production, processing, transport, handling, storage and sale of products to ensure conformity with government and other rules, regulations and standards.

Advising enterprises and the general public on the implementation of government and other rules and regulations concerning hygiene, sanitation, purity and grading of primary products, food, drugs, cosmetics and similar goods.

Inspecting establishments to ensure that they conform to government and other rules and regulations concerning emission of pollutants and disposal of dangerous wastes.

Initiating action to maintain or improve hygiene and prevent pollution of water, air, food or soil.

Promoting preventive and corrective measures such as control of disease carrying organisms and of harmful substances in the air, hygienic food handling, proper disposal of waste and cleaning of public places.



Alternate Occupation Names

Dairy Quality Assurance Officer

Produce Inspector

Meat Inspector

Perishable Produce Export Assessor

Meat Safety and Quality Controller

Dairy Product Inspector

Fruit and Vegetable Inspector

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