Landscape Architect (Occupation Code : 216201)

The path to becoming a Landscape Architect

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Plans and designs land areas for projects such as open space networks, parks, schools, institutions, roads, external areas for all building types, land subdivisions, and commercial, industrial and residential sites. 


Designing projects such as urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or retail schemes that deliver function while maintaining the character and natural beauty of sites.

Liaising with clients to establish the general landscaping requirements.

Conducting preliminary assessments of the site including contours, soil, ecology and existing infrastructure to determine if the site has the potential to meet the client's specifications.

Carrying out environmental impact assessments and seeking and taking into account the views of local residents, potential users and parties with a vested interest in the project.

Preparing and presenting detailed plans and working drawings, including applications, construction details and specifications for the project using computer-aided design (CAD) packages.

Presenting proposals to clients, dealing with enquiries and negotiating any amendments to the final design.

Managing, conducting and monitoring work on-site and contacting and coordinating manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that deadlines are met.

Liaising with other professionals such as civil engineers, hydrologists and architects on projects.

Alternate Occupation Names

Garden Designer

Landscape Designer

Landscape Planner

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