Livestock Farm Worker / Assistant (Occupation Code : 821201)

The path to becoming a Livestock Farm Worker / Assistant

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Performs routine tasks on a livestock farm such as feeding, mustering, counting and moving livestock, and assisting with animal husbandry.


Feeding and watering livestock, monitoring food and water supplies and rotating animals between grazing areas.

Handling and hay, straw and other types of animal feed and bedding.

Mixing feeds and additives in prescribed portions and assisting with food distribution to animals in pastures.

Milking animals such as cows and goats, by hand or using milking machines.

Examining animals to detect illness, injury or disease,  dipping livestock with disinfectants and insecticides, and assisting with administering medications and vaccinations.

Marking livestock to identify ownership using brands, tags, paint or tattoos.

Segregating animals according to weight, age, sex and/ or physical condition.

Assisting with moving farming equipment or livestock from one location to another, either manually or using trucks or carts.

Cleaning, inspecting, maintaining and repairing buildings, pens, yards and fences.

Performing basic duties related to livestock reproduction, such as breeding animals within appropriate timeframes, performing artificial inseminations, and helping with animal births.

Alternate Occupation Names

Abattoir Livestock Attendant

Feedlot Worker

Beef Cattle Farm Worker

Sheep Farm Worker

Milking Equipment Operator

Dairy Cattle Farm Worker


Animal Attendant Farm

Livestock Drafter


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