Business Machine Mechanic (Occupation Code : 672103)

The path to becoming a Business Machine Mechanic


Maintains, adjusts and repairs computers, photocopiers, fax machines, cash registers and other electronic commercial and office machines. NOTE: This occupation is listed as a trade.


Examining and testing machines, instruments, components, other equipment, instruments and control systems to identify faults.

Adjusting, repairing, and replacing worn and defective parts and wiring, and maintaining machines, equipment and instruments.

Reassembling, test operating and adjusting equipment.

Installing electronic instruments and control systems.

Coordinating work with that of engineers, technicians, and other maintenance personnel.

Interpreting test data to diagnose malfunctions and systemic performance problems.

Installing, adjusting, repairing or replacing electrical and electronic components, assemblies, and systems using hand tools, power tools, or soldering irons.

Connecting components to assemblies such as radio systems, instruments, magnetos, inverters, and in-flight refuelling systems.

Alternate Occupation Names

Office Machinery Maintenance Tradesperson

Office Machinery Mechanic

Photocopier Technician

Reprographic Machine Mechanic

Learning Pathways