Boatbuilder and Repairer (Occupation Code : 684907)

The path to becoming a Boatbuilder and Repairer

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Builds, repairs and modifies boats. 


Examining drawings and constructing templates from full- scale outlines.

Scribing lines from templates and cutting and forming parts such as keels, stern posts, ribs and sidings.

Assembling boat shells, fastening sidings or ribs to keels and covers with planking.

Building and installing structures such as cabins, machinery mountings, propeller supports and rudders.

Installing decking, masts, booms and ladders.

Determining repair requirements and procedures.

Making hull moulds and fabricating or repairing vessels using materials such as aluminium, wood, glass reinforced plastics, carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass or concrete.

Ordering materials, preparing cost estimates and quotations.

Alternate Occupation Names

Ship Builder

Boat Assembler


Ship Plater

Yacht Builder

Marine Plumber

Boat Builder

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