Mining Support Worker (Occupation Code : 831101)

The path to becoming a Mining Support Worker

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Performs routine tasks in mining and mineral ore treating operations such as assembling, operating and dismantling mining equipment, taking ore, rock and dust samples, and mixing ore treating chemicals and catalysts.


Performing routine tasks in mining and mineral ore treating operations.

Loading ore into mine cars, trucks or conveyors for transport to the stockpile or mine surface.
Supporting the walls and roofs in underground mines with rock bolts and erecting wooden or steel props, pillars and arches.
Clearing spills of ore or coal using hand and power tools.

Cleaning underground rooms, roadways, working areas and mining equipment and conveyances.
Assisting mining development work such as opening up new shafts, drives, air vents, rises and crib rooms.
Assisting other mine workers in maintaining or constructing underground installations.

Assisting in assembling, operating and dismantling mining equipment.

Assisting with installing lighting, pumps, cabling and other equipment to service the mine. 

Alternate Occupation Names

Onsetter Helper

Mine Stage Assistant

Mineral Ore Processing Labourer

Mine Survey Recorder

Sand Pit Worker

Mining Surfaceman

Pit Crew Support Worker

Centrifuge Pump Operator/ Pump Attendant

Acclimatisation Chamber Operator/ Heat Tolerance S

Belt Attendant

Sorter (Mining)

Shaft Assistant

Gravel Worker

Mine Sampler / Worker

Quarry Hand / Worker

Ventilation Observer

Battery Bay Attendant/ Battery and Lamp Repairer

Strata Control Observer

Shaft Sinking Helper

Coal Hewer

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