Financial Investment Advisor (Occupation Code : 241301)

The path to becoming a Financial Investment Advisor

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Develops and implements financial plans for individuals and organisations, and advises on investment strategies and their taxation implications, securities, insurance, pension plans and real estate.


Interviewing prospective clients to determine financial status and objectives, discussing financial options and developing financial plans and investment strategies.
Monitoring investment performance and reviewing and revising investment plans based on modified needs and changes in markets.
Recommending and arranging insurance cover for clients.
Arranging to buy and sell stocks and bonds for clients.
Advising on investment strategies, sources of funds and the distribution of earnings.
Setting financial objectives and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the financial objectives.
Managing funds raised from personal superannuation savings policies and unit trusts.
Adhering to financial compliance and operational procedures.

Alternate Occupation Names

Account Management Advisor

Financial Planner

Insurance Manager

Financial Consultant

Financial Advisor

Financial Planning Advisor / Manager

Financial Business Analyst

Financial Agent

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