Ancillary Health Care Worker (Occupation Code : 323102)

The path to becoming a Ancillary Health Care Worker


Liaises with patients, clients, visitors to hospitals and staff at health clinics, and works as a team member to arrange, coordinate and provide health care delivery in community health clinics.


Advising and educating individuals, families and the community on health, nutrition, hygiene, lifestyle and other issues to maintain or improve health and well-being.

Examining patients and interviewing them and their families to determine their health status and the nature of physical or mental disorders or illnesses or other ailments.

Providing basic home based health care and treatment.

Doing directly supervised treatment support (DOTS) and screening of Health related cards for compliance or default.

Weighing infants and babies and recording results on health cards.

Providing prevention of mother to child treatment (PMTCT) support at household level.

Providing counselling, support, passionate caring, stress relief etc.

Referring patients to, and exchanging information with, other health care providers to ensure comprehensive and continuing care.

Advocating and marketing for the Department of Health at community level.

Identifying areas of potential danger or hazard and reporting this to the relevant departments.

Learning Pathways