Advocate (Occupation Code : 261106)

The path to becoming a Advocate

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Pleads cases before civil, criminal and industrial courts and other tribunals.


Accepting briefs and pleading in the higher court.

Evaluating findings and developing strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases in courts of law.

Gathering evidence to formulate a defence by means such as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case.

Researching legal principles, statutes and previous court decisions related to specific cases.

Guiding witnesses to give their evidence by asking questions and testing the truth and value of the evidence given by witnesses by cross-questioning them.

Arguing a case for a client to persuade a Judge or Magistrate or Arbitrator.

Drafting 'arguments' that set out the facts and law relevant to the decisions to be decided.

Negotiating with colleagues over the settlement or the conduct of cases.

Acting as prosecutor on behalf of the Government.

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