Automotive Motor Mechanic (Occupation Code : 653101)

The path to becoming a Automotive Motor Mechanic

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Maintains, tests and repairs diesel and petrol road vehicles (less than 8 tons) and the mechanical parts thereof including transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes. 


Detecting and diagnosing faults in engines and parts.

Fitting, examining, testing and servicing motor vehicle and motorcycle engines.

Fitting, examining, adjusting, dismantling, rebuilding and replacing defective parts of motor vehicles.

Installing or adjusting motors and brakes, and adjusting steering or other parts of motor vehicles.

Installing, adjusting, servicing and replacing mechatronic components of motor vehicles.

Performing scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubrications and engine tune-ups in order to achieve smoother running of vehicles and ensure compliance with pollution regulations.

Reassembling engines and parts after being repaired.

Alternate Occupation Names

Automotive Fitter

Automotive Surveyor

Brake and Clutch Mechanic / Repairer / Fitter

Motor Mechanic

Automotive Mechanician

Service Mechanic

Patrol Officer Automobile Association

Automatic Transmission Mechanic

Vehicle Radiator Mechanic

Vehicle Mechanic

Mechanical Service Advisor (Vehicles)

Fuel Injection Pump Mechanic

Fuel Injection Mechanic

Automotive Mechanic

Air Conditioning Technician (Automotive)

Garage Mechanic

Auto Engineer / Mechanic

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