Securities Services Administrative Officer (Occupation Code : 431202)

The path to becoming a Securities Services Administrative Officer


Handles the administrative work associated with the execution and finalisation of financial markets transactions.


Recording, filing and looking after stocks, bonds and other investment documents.

Maintaining records of bonds, shares and other securities bought or sold on behalf of clients or the employer.

Obtaining all required source documents and forms (including identity documents, trust documents and company documents) to prepare agreements, National Credit Act (NCA) quotes and all related security documents for all loans and overdrafts.

Opening accounts on the system and updating the Electronic Securities Register (ESR) with securities required as pending.

Maintaining proper records of correspondence from attorneys and financial institutions.

Managing security safekeeping and recording in accordance with the banking regulations.

Following up receipt of the original bond and title deeds from attorneys.

Drawing up loan agreements, facility letters or NCA quotes for re-advances or increased facilities where applicable. 

Alternate Occupation Names

Corporate Action Officer

Entitlement Officer

Share Scheme Administrator

Script Lending Administrator

Accounts Opening and Maintenance Officer

Securities Lending and Borrowing Officer

Cash Management Officer

Settlement Manager

Settlement Officer

Client Take-on Officer

Learning Pathways