Account Clerk (Public Relations / Communication) (Occupation Code : 441905)

Green Occupation
Scarce Skill

Performs a range of clerical and administrative tasks in support of public relations and communication management.

Working closely with account managers and undertaking research required by them.

Assisting with creating and building beneficial relationships with crucial members of the press.

Creating and maintaining media lists and editorial calendars.

Creating and updating photo files.

Assisting with the creation of presentations and other marketing material.

Assisting with creating and distributing press kits.

Maintaining required databases.

Undertaking general administrative duties  such as faxing, filing, copying and making phone calls.

Learning Pathway Description

Depending on the level of expertise required by the employer, you might be able to enter this occupation with a National Senior Certificate or equivalent and workplace experience in the area of public relations. Employers who require no additional formal qualifications will then provide you with the necessary training you need for this occupation through on-the-job training, or by sending you on workshops, short courses or skills programmes (pathway one).

Obtaining a formal qualification in the field of Public Relations can assist you to gain access to this occupation.

Pathway two requires that you have a Grade 11 or NQF Level 3 qualification to access the Learnership in Public Relations Practice Level 4.

Pathway three requires that you have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) with Certificate Entrance to access the Certificate in Public Relations.

Pathway four requires that you have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) with Diploma Entrance to access the Diploma in Public Relations.

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Alternate Occupation Names
Communication Clerk / Assistant