Aeroplane Pilot (Occupation Code : 315303)

The path to becoming a Aeroplane Pilot

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Flies aeroplanes to transport passengers, mail and freight, or provide agricultural, aviation or aerial surveillance services.


Flying and navigating aircraft in accordance with established control and operating procedures.

Preparing and submitting flight plan or examining standard flight plan.

Controlling the operation of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and ensuring that all instruments and controls work properly.

Applying knowledge of principles and practices of flying in order to identify and solve problems arising in the course of their work.

Examining maintenance records and conducting inspections to ensure that aircraft are mechanically sound, maintenance has been performed and that all equipment is operational.

Signing necessary certificates and maintaining official records of flight.

Obtaining briefings and clearances before flights and maintaining contact with air traffic or flight control during flight.

Alternate Occupation Names

Fighter Pilot

Airline Captain

Aircraft Captain

Military Transport Pilot

Aerial Topdressing Contractor

Aerial Spraying Contractor

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