Civil Engineer (Occupation Code : 214201)

The path to becoming a Civil Engineer

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Plans, designs, organises and oversees the construction and operation of civil engineering projects such as structural, transportation or hydraulic engineering systems.


Conducting research and developing new or improved theories and methods related to civil engineering.

Advising on and designing structures such as bridges, dams, docks, roads, airports, railways, canals, pipelines, waste-disposal and flood-control systems, and industrial and other large buildings.

Determining and specifying construction methods, materials and quality standards, and directing construction work.

Establishing control systems to ensure efficient functioning of structures as well as safety and environmental protection.

Organising and directing maintenance and repair of existing civil engineering structures.

Analysing the behaviour of soil and rock when placed under pressure by proposed structures and designing structural foundations.

Analysing the stability of structures and testing the behaviour and durability of materials used in their construction.

Alternate Occupation Names

Water and Wastewater Engineer

Construction Engineer

Biosystems Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer

Hydraulics Engineer

GIS and Landuse Management Engineer

Transport Engineer

Transportation and Urban Planning Engineer

Structural Engineer

Site Design Engineer

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