Butcher (Occupation Code : 681103)

The path to becoming a Butcher


Selects, cuts, trims, prepares and arranges fresh meat for sale or supply; or manages the processes in the production of fresh meat products. NOTE: This occupation is listed as a trade.


Flaying and trimming carcasses.

Boning, cutting and dressing meat and fish for sale or further processing.

Preparing ingredients and making sausages and similar products using chopping, mixing and shaping machines.

Curing meat, fish and other foods.

Operating smokehouses or ovens to smoke meat, fish and other foodstuffs.

Cooking or in other ways preparing meat, fish and related food items for sale.

Selling meat or fish to customers, including wrapping, weighing and labelling products, and receiving payment.

Alternate Occupation Names

Biltong Maker

Smallgoods Maker

Sausage Maker

Processed Meat Maker

Sosati Maker

Learning Pathways