Building Inspector (Occupation Code : 335913)

The path to becoming a Building Inspector

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Inspects buildings to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and advises on building requirements. 


Ensuring that building projects meets the structural, safety, fire protection, energy saving and accessibility requirements of the National Building Regulations by conducting site inspections.

Co-ordinating site inspections with other departments i.e. Fire, Health, Sewerage etc.

Advising on building related issues specifically with regard to approved building plans, to reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors.

Assuring that building projects achieve legal building certification and issuing Certificates of Occupancy.

Preparing site inspection reports and legal notices in cases of unauthorised building work or building regulation contraventions, and serving legal notices in the correct manner.

Attending court hearings as necessary.

Addressing complaints and responding to building development related correspondence in an effective and efficient manner.

Undertaking site inspections relating to Hoarding and demolition permit applications.

Alternate Occupation Names

Building Certifier

Construction Inspector

Building Surveyor

Building Site Inspector

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