Arts and Culture


The study field involves creative expression through drawing, sculpting, painting, filmmaking, and photography just to mention a few. Many artistic disciplines (performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts) involve aspects of the visual arts as well as arts of other types. An artist is a talented person with the skill to visually express what they see and feel with accuracy, character, and feeling.An artist usually becomes known for one or few techniques , or styles of art.Over time these preferences become an artist' "signature" for which  they become known. Please note for  this field subjects such as Physical Science , Life Sciences ,Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy are recommended

Performing arts involves careers that relate to dance, musicor drama.Performing artists are especially talented individuals who uses their abilities to entertain, inspire and enlighten audiences .Other careers are found in technical or creative support services, for instance in décor design, model building, lighting, sound, and choreography or producing. Formal training is advisable in order to refine skills and increase confidence. An important element of any performer’s success is their ability to absorb failure and proactively source new opportunities. Careers in this category are linked to the entertainment industry.Please note for this field subjects such as Tourism,Geography , History, Mathematical Literacyare recommended.

Mandatory Subjects

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

Life Sciences




Physical Science