Deck Hand (Occupation Code : 735101)

The path to becoming a Deck Hand


Performs maintenance and lookout tasks aboard a ship.


Handling ropes and wires and operating mooring equipment.
Performing deck and hull cleaning, scraping, painting and other maintenance duties as required.
Standing look-out watches at sea, entering or leaving a harbour or cruising narrow waters.
Steering ship according to instructions.
Loading or unloading material from barges, scows and dredges.
Examining cables that holds vessels in tow and tightening cables to ensure vessels are snug.
Splicing and repairing cables and ropes.
Touring decks during watch to caution passengers engaged in unsafe practices and ensuring departure of passengers at end of voyage.

Alternate Occupation Names


Boatswain / Bosun


Ferry Hand

Able Seaman

Ordinary Seaman


Tug Hand

Barge Hand

Ship Crew Member

Learning Pathways