Accounting Technician (Occupation Code : 331302)

Scarce Skill

Prepares budgets, financial statements, monitors the financial performance of an organisation and maintains internal financial control and accounting systems.


Assessing the financial situation of the enterprise or organization, preparing budgets and overseeing financial operations.

Consulting with the chief executive and with managers of other departments or sections.

Establishing and directing operational and administrative procedures.

Establishing and managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

Overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff.

Planning and directing daily operations.

Planning, directing and coordinating the financial operations of an enterprise or organization.

Representing the enterprise or organisation in dealings with outside bodies.

Occupation Regulation

This occupation is not regulated through legislation. Several professional bodies offer learnerships that lead into this occupation and offer professional body membership to candidates who have successfully completed the learnerships.  Members of professional bodies may use the designations conferred by the professional bodies.

Learning Pathway Description

The qualifications leading to this occupation are at a higher level than those leading to the occupation Bookkeeper and some follow directly on to the learning pathways described for Bookkeeper.

Several of the learning pathways leading into this occupation require a National Senior Certificate as entry requirement and include learnerships that are administered by professional accounting bodies.

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