Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Technology


The Study field provides students with problem-solving skills , hands-on compentency, and require state-of-the-art technical knowledge .It further equips students with skills to use scientific, mathematical methods and principles to design and construct things.Students are also equipped with the understanding and application of Engineering Procedures in the manufacturing processes and production Methods.Individuals in this category enjoy finding creative solutions to practical problems. They are logical and methodical in their approach and these abilities are complemented by a creative approach to problem-solving.This creative side is manifest in an ability to design or conceptualize the end result. Careers in trade occupation field are practical by nature and involve the use of tools ,machinery and equipment. People in these careers are more interested in getting on with the job, not spending time with the theoretical explanations behind the work.Students can be employed in all areas of the building industry, including construction,architectural,civil engineering,land surveying and state , central , provincial or local government departments.

Mandatory Subjects

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